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Cardboard Boxes vs Plastic Containers When Moving Home

When it comes to moving home, choosing the right containers to pack your belongings can be a difficult decision. Plastic containers and cardboard boxes are two most popular options, but which one is better for you when you're packing up to move home and why?

In this blog, we will explore why cardboard boxes are generally a better choice than plastic containers when it comes to moving home, the benefits of using a more sustainable packaging choice compared to plastic and what to look out for when making your decision.

  1. Cardboard Boxes are Eco-Friendly

One of the biggest advantages of cardboard boxes over plastic containers is their eco-friendliness. Cardboard is a biodegradable and renewable resource, which means that it can be easily recycled and turned into new products. By choosing cardboard boxes, you can help reduce your environmental impact and support sustainable practices. Moving boxes made from plastic are manufactured using unsustainable products, and emit higher volumes of C02 during production than cardboard alternatives.

2. Cardboard Boxes are Cost-Effective

Another advantage of cardboard boxes is their cost-effectiveness. Cardboard boxes are generally more affordable than plastic containers, which can be expensive to purchase or rent. Additionally, cardboard boxes are often available for free from local stores or online marketplaces, making them a budget-friendly option. Due to the strength and historical use of plastic, it demands a higher price and box-for-box, plastic containers are considerably more expensive than cardboard packaging options.

3. Cardboard Boxes are Easy to Store

When it comes to moving, storage space is often at a premium. Cardboard boxes are easy to store because they can be flattened and stacked when not in use, saving valuable space in your home. In contrast, plastic containers can take up a lot of room, which can be a problem if you have limited storage space. The use of such boxes as cardboard TV boxes and cardboard wardrobe boxes are purpose-built solutions to make packing your clothes and valuable televisions into specific boxes, much simpler.

4. Cardboard Boxes are Lightweight and Durable

Despite their lightweight design, cardboard boxes are incredibly durable and sturdy. They can hold a lot of weight and provide excellent protection for your belongings during transit. Additionally, cardboard boxes are less likely to break or crack compared to plastic containers, which can be a concern if you're transporting fragile items.

5. Cardboard Boxes Can Be Repurposed

Another great advantage of cardboard boxes is their versatility. After your move, you can easily repurpose your cardboard boxes for a variety of uses, such as storage, organization, or even DIY projects. In addition, if you have no use for them, you can recycle these through your waste bins at home, whereas it isn't so easy to dispose of plastic containers and would require visiting your local waste disposal site, as council's remain under pressure to 'better sort' recyclable materials.

Overall, there are a number of benefits to using plastic containers for when moving home, including the strength they provide, however as an unsustainable packaging solution, here at BYPAK we champion the use of environmentally-friendly materials. In addition, the strength, versatility and overall performance means that cardboard boxes are the better solution to use when moving home and packing your goods. For more information or to order your moving boxes, visit our shop page or contact us today.

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